Gina Pera, now author of two books about adult ADHD, was an award-winning print journalist before turning her attention to ADHD. Her work for USA Weekend magazine won the prestigious Best Magazine Edition award from The Association for Women in Communications as well as a Unity Award in Media from Lincoln University of Missouri, recognizing accurate exposure of issues affecting minorities and disabled persons.

For the past 16 years, she has researched and written about Adult ADHD while also advocating for better awareness and treatment standards.

A popular speaker, she provides education and support for the ADHD community, leading discussion groups in Silicon Valley and a 1,000-member Internet-based group for the partners of adults with ADHD around the world. A native of Memphis now based in the San Francisco Bay Area, she enjoys gardening, exploring Bay Area hiking trails with her husband, and connecting with her favorite online communities.

For more about Gina’s online work, and why she does it, please visit her ADHD Roller Coaster blog.

Before you go, these words of thanks from Gina’s support-group members might explain her work best:

As one of the many people who are reaping the benefits of your efforts, I can only say thank you. I am constantly surprised at the depths of your knowledge and the wisdom of your responses.

Gina, your words are like a 2×4 on the head for me (a good thing!)

You are a godsend.  You have given me much to research and much to hope for. When you deal with the medical community with their HMO guidelines and docs who know nothing beyond what they were taught 40 years ago it makes for a miserable life when you love someone like my Jim.  Thank God there are people like you out there who have found a way to break through the stale medical clap trap to find new realities or at least the hope for new realities.  Thanks so much Gina.  You’ve made my heart soar and given me new cause to push on.  I wish there were more like you.

We need your book, Gina! You go, girl!

I greatly respect what you are doing. You are always a wealth of information. Thanks!

My personal thanks to you for all the work you have done on behalf of the ADHD community. You have made many lives richer and better.  Thanks.

Thanks sooo much! I don’t know what I would do without you and this group!

I really hope that your book will educate the professionals out there. I fully intend to give a copy to my boyfriend’s psychiatrist.

Gina: you are so very well informed; I’m not sure what I’d be doing without your info!

Hi Gina. You are amazing. Your emails have given me comfort and sanity when I felt so alone and so crazy.  Thank you for being the bright, articulate, compassionate woman that you are.

Stay on your soapbox, girl!   It takes a lot of emotional energy to do what you are doing.  The results of your work are so real and so important.  I’m a big fan of yours, and I know there are many out there like me!   A big hug to you!

You are sooooo cool, g! Your tenacious dedication to this group and ripping the cloak of confusion off of this ADHD thing has been such a benefit to me and my family. I feel a sense of freedom since I’ve joined and want that for each and every person out there who is caught in the crossfire   Look, I’ve been bumping about in the dark for more than a quarter of a century!!! I am finally feeling like I’ll make it to the finish line due to your willingness to share your education with us. I am sincerely grateful.

Oh yeah, and thanks again (for the one millionth time) for helping us. Honestly, I’m not sure where my life would be right now if it were not for your guidance and this group.  My husband and daughter owe a lot to you, too; they just do not know it. Thanks.

You will always be dear to me.  I can sense the deep caring you have for others through your emails.  Thank you, Gina.

Coming to this group has been so helpful to me. I’m seeing my boyfriend’s behavior in a different light, understanding more about why he does (or doesn’t do) things, and coming up with better ways to work with him and talk to him to get problems solved. This group has done as much for our relationship as the counselor has.

Hi Gina, I realize that so much of what I recognize with my own ADHD comes from having seen it firsthand in my wife, who also has it, while at the same time learning from you how to interpret what I’m seeing, and then getting a chance to apply that knowledge and observe what happens.

My life hasn’t been a particularly fun lab to work in, but you were at the right place at the right time to help me really learn a lot that would have otherwise just remained a mystery. If my marriage does survive, I would have to give you a lot of credit in that area, because in hindsight it’s obvious that determination was not enough. I had a lot of determination to save it, but nobody has infinite emotional reserves.

Boy, Gina, I can’t wait to read your book! You are very insightful and so good at putting it into words. Love,

G, you always clarify what I was feeling my way toward and leave unsaid at the end!

Great advice, Gina!!!!! I wish I could have talked to you 20 years ago.

Thanks Gina, you have been great for me!