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“Insightful, helpful, witty, and very practical.  This book can change your life.”
—Daniel G. Amen, M.D., neuropsychiatrist, author of Healing ADD and Change Your Brain, Change Your Life.

“… I recommend it highly to all couples whose troubles seem incomprehensible and for all couples therapists it should be required reading to help them distinguish between ordinary conflict and the roller coaster’ effect of this syndrome.”
—Harville Hendrix, Ph.D., nationally renowned couples therapy expert and author of Getting the Love You Want: A Guide for Couples

“In this lucid, provocative, and authoritative book, Gina Pera lets the reader know, at a visceral level, what it’s like to be the partner of an adult with ADHD.  Alternately humorous and deadly serious, the book is deeply empathic with the experience of such partners. By showing the reality of Adult ADHD in relation to those who must live with its consequences every day, she provides a message of real hope.”
—Stephen Hinshaw, Ph.D., Professor and Chair of the Psychology Department at the University of California, Berkeley

“Wow! What a roller coaster ride. Is It You, Me or Adult A.D.D.? contains information that is just not available anywhere else. This book is sure to become the authoritative guide for couples dealing with ADD and the baggage that accompanies it. Packed with information, but not overwhelming, it is a unique and valuable resource.”
—Patricia O. Quinn, M.D., Co-founder and Director, The National Center for Girls and Women with ADHD

“… Gina Pera has completed a monumental undertaking of blending our stories with the latest medical advisories on treating ADD and its many co-existing conditions. Real answers on the painful realities. We expect this book will be the bible for all of us dealing with adult ADD.”
—Elizabeth Weathers and Diane Hartson, Co-moderators, ADD Spouse support group

“… I can safely predict it will become as much an ‘industry standard’ as Driven to Distraction. As a physician who treats dozens of patients with ADD, father of a son with ADD, and the husband of a wife with ADD, I can professionally and personally attest to the value of Gina’s important new book.”
—David Edelberg, M.D., Medical Director, WholeHealth Chicago, and author of The Triple Whammy Cure, The Breakthrough Women’s Health Program

“… The book is well researched, reader friendly, and includes insights and perspectives from a Who’s Who of professionals in the field.  For couples struggling with ADHD, it’s the season’s new must-have book and bound to become a classic.”
—Michele Novotni, Ph.D. Psychologist, Coach, and Author of What Does Everyone Else Know that I Don’t? and Social Success 
““Even today, people often surprisingly ask, ‘Do you believe in Adult ADHD?’ Confirmatory brain neuroscience answers this speculation about Adult ADHD: It’s a real problem with real and painful challenges, not a belief system…. With Gina Pera’s help, the subtlety of recognizing and the complexity of intervening on these puzzling ADD predicaments is refreshingly simplified.”
— Charles Parker, DO, Medical Director, CorePsych, author of Deep Recovery

“…Gina Pera has combined a real feel for the disorder with sound reporting skills and the spice of those who tell the story best: the couples themselves. This is a book based on science, but it captures the art of helping couples cope with and move beyond the challenges that ADHD creates.”
—Margaret D. Weiss, M.D., Ph.D., Director of Research, Division of Child Psychiatry, University of British Columbia and Head, Provincial ADHD Program, British Columbia, Canada

“…What is particularly stunning about her achievement is the way Ms. Pera has captured the intricacy of ADHD, including its far-reaching effects on executive function and emotional regulation. Equally impressive is her talent for framing the issues in comprehensible language. Best of all, this book offers hope and guidance to the millions of adults whose lives have been challenged by ADHD, by providing clear and useful ideas. Kudos and thanks to Ms. Pera! I will make this book required reading for all my patients. It is nothing short of a tour de force!”
—Anthony L. Rostain, M.D., MA, Medical Director, University of Pennsylvania Adult ADHD Treatment and Research Program. Professor of Psychiatry and Pediatrics, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

“When an adult has ADHD, his or her romantic partner ‘has’ it, too. Alternately confused, optimistic, and resentful, the partner rides a roller coaster as he or she tries to understand why the relationship seems so unbalanced. Gina Pera has been there and has authored a guide that offers understanding for the confused, practical strategies for the frustrated, and hope for the despondent. This book will be a lifesaver for both partners.”
—Ari Tuckman, Psy.D., M.B.A., author of Integrative Treatment for Adult ADHD: A Practical, Easy-to-Use Guide for Clinicians